Fly over Gotham with Green Screen Technology

For Teachers or Students

What is Green Screen Technology?

Green screen technology is the basis of the effects seen in everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the weather forecast. The idea is simple. If you shoot a video with a single coloured backdrop (blue or green is often used) editing software allows you to make that colour transparent – replacing it with any other video clip, graphic or still image.

green screen studio well imagine that

We teach teachers and / or students.

In a fast and action packed two hours (2 staff meetings or a 2 hour PD workshop) we show you how to set up your green screening space for great results. Learn tips and tricks for great footage and how to edit your video so you can fly over Gotham City, stand on the Eiffel Tower, dive into the ocean without even leaving the classroom. You’ll be ready then to work with your students.

Using your IPADs and other resources that you already have at school, we show you how to

  • Frame your shots for best results
  • Get the best audio with what you have
  • Lighting tips and tricks
  • Edit and post production to make it easy for your staff.

Workshops are tailor made to suit your staffs’ skills and your equipment. If you are setting up a studio or green screening space, we have access to a wide range of products that we can source for you at good prices.

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Lights! Camera! Action! for Students

This one’s for the students! Give them the opportunity to see what it’s like to film in a television studio.

We bring in the equipment and set up your space, allocate roles (complete with costumes and studio passes) and they film, sharing tips and techniques along the way. Then we all work together to edit our video. Includes Green Screening and use of all props.

It’s two hours of fun conducted by the producer/director of Today’s Schools, Channel 31, Melbourne.

This workshop can be adapted for Preps to Year 10 and tailor made to work within your current topics.

Maximum 25 students per group. Multiple sessions can be run during the day.

Media workshop for students

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