FISH! provides Childcare educators, co-ordinators and staff members with the knowledge and practical strategies to improve outcomes and quality in the following areas:

Element 4.2.1

Professional standards guide practice, interactions and relationships.

Element 4.2.2

Educators, co-ordinators and staff members work collaboratively and affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to further develop their skills and to improve practice and relationships

Element 4.2.3

Interactions convey mutual respect, equality and recognition of each other’s strengths and skills.

Element 5.2.2

Each child is supported to manage their own behaviour, respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and communicate effectively to resolve conflicts. (NOTE: staff will learn to role model correct strategies)

Element 7.1.2

The induction of educators, co-ordinators and staff members, including relief educators, is comprehensive. (NOTE: Staff will discover the importance of induction for ‘culture’ as well as process

Element 7.1.3

Every effort is made to promote continuity of educators and co-ordinators at the service (NOTE: a key outcome of the program is improved retention, staff satisfaction and engagement)

FISH! brings energy, enthusiasm and passion back into your workplace. It helps you provide amazing service that makes customers want to come back again and again. Watch your employees give their best everyday. Improve teamwork and build trust. And build effective leaders who inspire through their example. Call Sue on 03 98440429 to discuss your very own FISH! event in Victoria.