We have negotiated with our suppliers, and managed to get a trade in deal on your old interactive whiteboards, projectors and speakers if you would like to upgrade to multi touch screens. The whiteboard era has moved on, projectors are fading and repairs can be expensive. Many schools just don’t know how to get rid of their old technology, so we are here to help. As an exclusive offer from us, we can organise for your old IWB’s, projectors and speakers to be taken out of your classrooms, and replaced with either an installed or mobile multi touch screen, with the trade in offer taken off your purchase price. Yes, in affect, we pay you to take away your old technology.

The advantages of multi touch screens:
New and improved technology
No projectors and shadow
Plug it in and use it straight away- no calibration!
They look great and being back lit, the students can see the image really easily.

Orders must be placed by close of business on November 17th. . Delivery and payment can be in 2018 is that suits you better.
It’s a great way to clear out your old technology and start afresh.
For more information, call Sue on 03 98440429