Recently I took my husband shopping to Aldi and Chemist Ware House. That might not seem much for most, but for us, it’s a big event. As I was getting my husband out of the car, an unknown gentleman walked up to me and said “You’re a legend’. I guess I looked totally puzzled as I was just doing what we do everyday. He said it again- “You’re a legend for what you do” and then he disappeared off into the shops.
I was totally miffed. And totally thrilled at the same time. I was grinning from ear to ear. No one has ever called me a legend, let alone for taking my husband shopping. Only someone who had been in a similar position would understand the challenges I face each and every time I take him out. Being called a legend made me feel special and recognised for the job I am doing- not that I think of it as a job. How special and fabulous did I feel?
Whether this man knew of the FISH! Philosophy or not, he truly Made my Day. I smiled the rest of the day, knowing that someone thought that I was of legendary status. It may have only been three simple words, but the fact that he took the time to walk over to us and recognised what I was doing made me feel great. When was the last time you made a complete stranger day?
BTW Gerard had an accident in August 2014 at home and became a ventilator dependent quadriplegic. He is paralysed from the neck down and needs a ventilator to breathe. When I take him shopping or out,the buck stops with me. If anything goes wrong, I need to keep him alive. I’m a qualified teacher and corporate trainer! Thanks to the awesome staff a the Austin Hospital, I’ve had training in what to do in an emergency situation. It’s still scary… but we get up an go- shopping, movies, theatre, basketball- and do normal every day things.